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by sozo posted Jul 31, 2016


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“Humans appear to have some need to look down on someone; there’s just a basic tribalistic impulse in all of us,” Vance recently told The American Conservative. “And if you’re an elite white professional, working-class whites are an easy target: You don’t have to feel guilty for being a racist or a xenophobe. By looking down on the hillbilly, you can get that high of self-righteousness and superiority without violating any of the moral norms of your own tribe.” (기사내용중 일부)


한국에서도 인민을 개, 돼지라고 생각하는 자들이 있고
미국에도 인종차별이나 외국인을 혐오하는 등 사람을 아래로 내려다 보는(look down) 것이 자연스러운(basic tribalistic impulse) 일이라고 생각하는 쓰레기들이 있다. 

White Trash라고 불리는 이들이 트럼프를 지지한다는데
이명박근혜를 지지하는 자들을 영남쓰레기라고 불러도 될까






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